Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition – Episode 1

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Oh! I can’t wait to see how this is going to turn out. The first episode is in the books, and I have changed my mind about who I want to win. Originally, I was rooting for Nora and Carson. I had hopes they’d be on separate teams, and come head-to-head in the end. They both ended up on the Red team, headed up by Chef Anne. Their two teammates are Melissa and Erik. Which leaves Vivica, Carmen, Perez, and Sean on Rachel’s Blue team. All is not lost, though, because they will probably play recruit shuffle, and mix it up in later episodes.

Now, after watching how they interact with the food and one another, I am definitely pulling for Melissa and Perez. I was a little disappointed in Carmen’s inability to grab the lobster and put it in the water. I couldn’t get enough of Carson’s cooking his lamb chops over an open flame like s’mores. I had to rewind twice because it was so funny.

I said in the last post that I’m not a fan of the gossip circuit, and so Perez started out on my bad side. He ended up being incredibly funny, and seemed to learn pretty quickly. I think he’ll pull through to the end. Melissa’s tater tots hot dish wasn’t really professional kitchen material, but it definitely works well for her Midwestern roots. I hope she pulls into the skill set that’s necessary, and learns to cook at least one thing that isn’t a casserole.

Vivica really needs to learn about seasoning. Pouting a ton of hot sauce into the jambalaya at the end of its time cooking isn’t a great way to develop the spice. Not to mention, it’s not quite the right spices for the dish, even if it’s labeled Louisiana (which it wasn’t).

Erik just seemed really out of place, and it was clear in what he made. Bless his heart, he tried, though. I’m still not sure what is going on with Sean, but he did a great job on his technical skills, which he attributed to following what his wife does. Aw! How cute!

I really wanted Carmen to be kicked off in the first week. I should have figured they wouldn’t let anyone go. I really feel like she’s the most likely person to go first, even though Nora was picked last. Maybe Nora will kick it up a notch or two, and be able to learn the skills she needs to press through.

Hosts Rachael Ray, and Chef Anne Burrell during Food Network’s Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition, Season 7.

I know it was the first episode, and anything could happen from here out. I could be surprised by Carmen, and she might learn to get over her urges to be grossed out by live crustaceans, and cook them properly. Perez could  screw up something in a major way. Carson’s humor might not be enough to carry him through, though I’d ask him to dinner several times if given the chance, because he’s freaking hilarious.

As always, I’m rooting for Chef Anne, but Rachel might be able to come out a winner this season. After all, she’s got Perez on her side. If he remains focused, and doesn’t let his crush on Sean get in the way, he’s got a shot. Good luck, Perez!

I can’t wait for Wednesday night. Will you be watching with me? I certainly hope so.

Worst Cooks in America- Celebrity Edition Season 3 episode 1

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