Happy Blogmas, Day 2

My super-cool blogging pal, Ell Duclos has issued a general challenge in her Facebook group, Boss Girl Bloggers to answer winter questions and tag other bloggers at the end, who will ostensibly respond. I don’t really chat with that many bloggers outside that group, but she didn’t tag the people I’m going to. Back in the day, we called this a bloghop. Maybe they still do. Anyway, since I’m so far from my friends and family for the season, I’m all too happy to participate in anything that makes me feel more connected than I actually am. Also, I’m stalling so I don’t have to run to the grocery store at 5:30 on a Saturday night. Wait, maybe that’s a good time to be at the store. Anyway, on with the show!

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I modified some of these questions from the original, because I don’t do beauty on my blog.

ONE: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Decorating the tree on Thanksgiving Night, after everyone has gone home. I miss getting into my jammies, putting on Christmas music, lighting a fire (if I have a fireplace), making hot chocolate, and just hanging out decorating. There’s nothing that compares to that day, because after, the rush starts.

TWO: What are your go-to winter sipper?

I don’t drink, so during the winter I usually sip on homemade hot chocolate or Earl Gray tea.

THREE: What is your favorite winter scent? (candles, perfume etc.)

I use these Better Homes & Gardens wax cubes as soon as it starts to get cooler. It really makes it feel like fall and winter. That’s especially helpful down here, where it’s still in the 80s.

FOUR: What is your go-to winter fashion trend?

  • Knee-high boots. I love wearing my pirate boots, because it means I get to wear long funky socks again.
  • Infinity scarves. They are so versatile; you can use them as a hat, too.
  • My yellow leather jacket. I bought it for $3 at Goodwill, on the promise that I wouldn’t try to return it. It’s been the BEST $800 $3 I’ve ever made. And yes, Virginia, people APPARENTLY do return things to thrift stores. I’ve always just donated. I didn’t know returning is an option.

FIVE: What is your all time favorite holiday movie?

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Not the Jim Carrey version (though I absolutely adore him).  I mean, Boris Karloff, folks. Need I say more?

SIX: What is your all time favorite holiday tune?

Yes. All of them.

Even Dominick the Donkey

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.



SEVEN: What is your favorite winter activity?

Fellowship. Gathering to eat and enjoy each other. Cooking for people, and filling my home with goodies to share.

EIGHT: What is your must-make winter dessert?

Decorated Sugar Cookies and Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies. I know that peanut butter cookies don’t seem festive, but I get so many requests and pins on that recipe this time of year.

NINE: What is one item on your wish list this year?

I have so much ridiculousness on my wishlist. My favorite item there right now is the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story, but the thing I need the most is the AliveCor Kardia portable EKG machine. Dang the AFib.

TEN: What is your favorite holiday treat to eat?

My mom’s famous caramel corn. Now that she has a new oven, I hope she’ll send me some. I’ll sneak a piece or two, and give the rest to my roomie, I promise. *wink*


Now that you know more about me than is necessary, I’m not sure where to send you with the info. I’m tagging these 3, because I don’t know any more bloggers, and didn’t feel like posting to get inundated with 75 requests per minute. Feel free to adjust the questions as necessary if you post your own.

Luna @ The Maldivian Mermaid

Sarah @ Geeks Who Eat

Kayla @ Kayla Dene Blogs

Happy Holidays, Ladies. What’s on your winter holiday list?

Happy Blogmas - What's on YOUR list?

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  1. Woah, that donkey song is… amazing.

    My favorite was always “Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer.” I laugh at that one every time.

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