That Time I Auditioned To Write For 5280 Magazine

I found a bunch of old blog posts from my days as a PR & Marketer in Denver’s thriving music scene. Those were the days where my body still thought it was 20, and my heart was chasing the next bog love of my life. Food has always been a mainstay, and at one point I wanted nothing more than to write restaurant reviews for 5280 Magazine. This piece was good enough to land me two interviews, one on the phone and one in person. I was a shoe-in. I had it in the bag.

And then I didn’t, which I realize now is okay, because food remains one of my great loves. Food is what ultimately brought me here, and it is in food that I have some of my best (and worst) memories. Food makes everything even. Classes and colors don’t exist at the table. There is no rich or poor when you join in communion of sharing a culture, a flavor, a breath. 

Barrel’s Fine FoodBarrel's Fine Food - A favorite restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In the heart of South Philadelphia sits Barrel’s Fine Food, a testament to the rich Italian heritage that has helped develop the area since the 1930s. Their goal to provide hearty meals, the Franco family has served South Philly for more than four generations. Tom and Maria Franco are dedicated to providing exceptional food in a familiar atmosphere. Known for their Caesar Salads (voted Best in South Philly) and Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches (Best of Philly by Philadelphia Magazine), Barrel’s continues to successfully create affordable and robust dishes. The Corporate Catering division is patronized by the top businesses in the city; their clients range from hospitals to attorneys to The Philadelphia Stock Exchange. They offer speedy delivery to the Center City, Philadelphia and South Jersey neighborhoods. The Franco’s love of food, family, and dependability has kept this BYOB establishment a constant success; a pillar of excellence and stability in the ever-changing neighborhood of South Philly.

I didn’t get the job, but I did get the career. All things being equal, I came out on top.

PS Barrel’s is a real place. If you’re in Philly, let me know how it is, will ya?

My audition for 5280 Magazine

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