asporkintheroad.net is read by thousands unique visitors from all over the world every month. I also connect with readers via social media, including more than 5,000 followers across all platforms.  I love connecting my audience with great companies I believe in! Here’s how I currently work with sponsors:

Sponsored Content: I understand that sponsored content is the bread-and-butter for bloggers around the world. I am not interested in writing inauthentic, forced posts for my readers. I actually believe in word-of-mouth advertising, and stake my reputation on my word every time I publish something. If you’ve got a budget and are looking to get your brand featured across my social channels, I could be dreaming up content right now that would be a perfect fit for your products.  To request my media kit or start a conversation, tell me about your company and what you’re wanting to accomplish in an e-mail to hello (at) asporkintheroad dot net.

Advertising: If you are interested in traditional banner ads on A Spork in the Road please connect with me using the email address above, or on the Contact page. Prices start at $50/month for fellow bloggers and artists, and $100/month for small businesses.

You should know: A Spork in the Road uses affiliate programs within the text of this website and I disclose any sponsored opportunity within the text of the post in which it appears. I believe in transparency and honesty, and you can read more about my discolsures here. My Privacy Policy is here.

Without you, this site would be much less than it is. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.



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