Human Nutrition: The Anatomy of Digestion

If you’re new to the series, you can start here. It is my inclination to launch into an entire, in-depth anatomy and physiology lesson, because that kind of thing makes me giddy, but I’ve stopped myself for both of our benefits. This would be a much longer post, if I…

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Intro to Human Nutrition

Happy Saturday Morning and Welcome to the 5-part Human Nutrition Series! As you can probably imagine, nutrition is an important part of my every day. I am honored you’re here to learn, and I’m happy to answer any questions you have. As I browse your posts, pages, and blogs – especially…

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Adventures in Holiday Travel – Part 2

The great columnist Dave Barry has a habit of saying “I’m not making this up.” Allow me to borrow that phrase. Just four days after completing my previous blog about my many adventures in holiday travel, I was on my way to Branson, MO for a fun Thanksgiving weekend with…

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6 Last-Minute Host / Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

6 Last-Minute Host or Hostess Gifts - PIN NOW, GET THEM SOON!

This post contains affiliate links that support my home and blog, at no additional cost to you. See my Disclosure page for more information. Every year, I make a list of the parties I am attending, and then try to come up with the best gifts to bring the host or…

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Fun with Food & Wine Pairings

Fun with Food & Wine Pairings - PIN NOW, PAIR LATER!

One of the most integral parts of the wine experience is pairing it with food. While most people have heard, “white with fish, red with meat”, those aren’t steadfast rules and there are other creative, simple ways to pair food with wine. There are also extensive, intricate ways to pair…

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Holiday Recipe Roundup 2016

I set out to write the perfect recipes for a holiday dinner party. Then, as it normally does, life happened, and holidays set in, and I found myself planted firmly in the kitchen (my happy place), creating. Few things make me happier than creating in the kitchen, and I won’t get…

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