Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition | Season 3

worst cooks in america season 11 celebrity

I started watching Worst Cooks in America in its first season in 2010, and was instantly smitten. I’m not much of a reality show watcher, except when it comes to cooking competitions. I adore Chopped, The Great British Baking Show, Beat Bobby Flay, Guy’s Grocery Games, and others. In case you’ve never seen Worst Cooks in America, the concept is…

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Getting There

getting there - my journey to Florida

It’s all in the journey, isn’t it? I mean that in both a literal and figurative way. The physical act of moving, whether it’s through exercise or relocation, adds perspective. Doubly so, when you do it alone. I just made one such journey. Heading Out If you missed it, I packed everything up and moved the entire operation to Ft….

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Quick & Easy Souvlaki Salad

pork souvlaki salad with tzatziki

For the next few weeks, I am borrowing some friends’ kitchens as I get ready for my move across the country. Most people I know are ecstatic that I want to cook in their homes, and there’s usually a request or two for something they don’t normally have. I try to use what they already have, and this time we…

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Cat. Bag. Out.

I have a little secret to tell. Some of you have been following me for years, through several incarnations of my blogs, and have grown to know me and my desire to be nomadic. Well, that has changed…kinda. I’m moving, which probably won’t surprise you. Where I’m headed might. Florida or Bust I have always wanted to have my roots…

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Red, White, and Blueberry Fluff

Red, White & Blueberry Jello Fluff Salad - PIN NOW, MAKE IT THIS WEEKEND!

Whenever I make Gelatin Fluff [salad], I have this vision in my head of people breaking into song and dance while the people and the gelatin jiggle the afternoon away. How long does gelatin jiggle in the heat, though, really? And forget eating hot gelatin. That’s just…mmm…warm jiggly fruit drink. Sadly, no matter how many times I try to start…

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Five Fantastic Foodie Events in Colorado

Five Fantastic Foodie Events in Colorado - July 2017

Part of the reason I travel is food. I really want a fantastic culinary experience wherever I find myself. This month, I am in Colorado, and I decided to find five events that would tickle my fancy and taste buds, and leave me with fantastic summer food memories as I cruise out of Colorado and on to the next destination….

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Making Kaiser Rolls and Martha’s Scones

Once in a while, I find a recipe so incredible that I use it without any modification, or my modification doesn’t justify trying to distinguish it from the famous person who made it first. In this case, I had a mini-retreat, and have two recipes that fit the title: Kaiser rolls, and Martha Stewart’s Cranberry Scones. Making bread is my…

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