Happy Blogmas, Day 2

My super-cool blogging pal, Ell Duclos has issued a general challenge in her Facebook group, Boss Girl Bloggers to answer winter questions and tag other bloggers at the end, who will ostensibly respond. I don’t really chat with that many bloggers outside that group, but she didn’t tag the people…

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Holiday Survival Kit

Holiday Survival Kits - Essential

Every year, I think the holidays get just a tiny bit crazier. Of course, some days are better than others – the days when it feels like the world heaves a collective sigh, because they’re just content with what’s now. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, man! What…

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Orange Dream Wontons

Orange Dream Wontons - Pretty Finished

Raise your hand if you’re a sucker for Orange anything? I absolutely am. Not only is it my favorite color, tasting orange always makes me feel awake and alive. It stands to reason, then, that these Orange Dream Wontons are to-die-for. They are super easy, and only have 5 ingredients….

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Sometimes, Life Forces You to Pivot

Adenosine Doses

I just noticed that it’s been almost a month since I posted here. I want to apologize to you. I never meant to leave this site behind. I just got overwhelmed, super homesick, and anxious with FOMO in a major way. I tried logging off Facebook and only hanging on…

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Cheap to Chic: Dollar Store Halloween Decos

White Pumpkin skull acorns-Cheap to Chic Halloween Decos - A Spork in the Road

I am challenged every year to decorate for a holiday in the least-expensive way possible. This year’s challenge was extended by Sarah over at Geeks Who Eat. She asked that I show how to transform dollar items into chic and stylish Halloween decorations. I went a little farther, and because…

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