Making Kaiser Rolls and Martha’s Scones

Once in a while, I find a recipe so incredible that I use it without any modification, or my modification doesn’t justify trying to distinguish it from the famous person who made it first. In this case, I had a mini-retreat, and have two recipes that fit the title: Kaiser rolls, and Martha Stewart’s Cranberry Scones. Making bread is my new favorite hobby in the kitchen, so it makes sense that I would use my mini retreat to practice. I’m happy to say that I nailed the Kaiser Rolls on the first try.

Kaiser Rolls

Homemade Kaiser RollsI used Fleischmann’s BreadWorld Kaiser Rolls recipe, even though I didn’t use Fleischmann’s yeast. I used Kroger brand quick-rise yeast. It works as good as any other quick-rise yeast, and costs half as much. I didn’t use a mixer, because I forgot to bring mine, so I mixed it all by hand. It didn’t take 30 minutes. I ended up using almost 4 cups of flour, but I’m in Colorado, so I recommend starting where this recipe says, and adding by the tablespoon-full until you get a dough that doesn’t coat your hands and pulls away from the bowl. Just don’t use too much. I used an egg wash on the tops and sprinkled both sesame and poppy seeds. One other thing: I don’t have a Kaiser Roll stamp, so I tied knots. I figured out that 18-inches (45.7 cm) works better than 12-inches (30.5 cm).

Martha Stewart’s Cranberry Scones

Martha Stewart's Cranberry SconesWhen I made Martha’s Cranberry Scones the first time, back in December, they were a gift for my dad. The only modification I made was to use fresh, whole cranberries. Shortly after he finished those, he put in another order, and I made a double-batch in the same way. I just made these last weekend, at his request, but this time I used about half as much baking powder and dried cranberries instead of fresh or frozen. I used a lot more half-and-half than was remaining, probably another 2 tablespoons, and the sugar I used was unbleached.

So, that’s it. I give both of these recipes a stellar review. It’s worth standing in the heat for the dough to proof and the breads to bake. Let me know how you like them when you make them!

Making Kaiser Rolls And Martha’s Scones - what I did differently

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  1. Hey there lovely! <3 I have nominated you for the Blue Sky Tag – Challenge:
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  2. How much Kroger brand quick-rise yeast did you use? I usually use SAF Instant Yeast (add to dry ingredients). Thanks

    • Hi there! I used one packet, which is 1/4 oz, 1-1/2 tsp, or 7 g. You can probably get by on the same amount in your recipe, provided SAF doesn’t have some odd conversion I’m not aware of. I did notice that the instant yeast didn’t bubble as much while being prepped, but the rolls rose fine each time. You could probably get away with making 10 instead of 8, because these came out much larger than I expected. Altitude and humidity may have played a small part in that. Please let me know how yours turn out.

  3. But the grocery stores here in Prague make such good kaiser rolls, it’s hard to get the motivation. 😀 Now trapped back in the States, I totally understand.

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