Let’s Not Make This About You

That’s funny, because I’m making this about you. I can’t stand when I’m expressing something on social media, and somebody – unsolicited – drive-by link-drops on my post. Take my post in the Boss Girl Bloggers group from last night, for example.

My Excited Post in Boos Girl Bloggers

Yesterday, I got my first unsolicited email subscriber on this site, and as you might imagine, that made me incredibly happy. So, I posted it in the group. And somebody sped by with a link all about email marketing and how to get a 2%-3% conversion rate. What? This was not about that. Aha! This is a teaching moment, which makes it a learning moment, and now I have fodder for my website. Let’s look at how this played out, shall we?

the random p exchange december 2017This woman, who I am not naming or calling out in any way, is super-smart. Yes, I know you can Google the title of her article and find her. I just wanted you to see what she posted, and my response. Her site shows she knows what she’s talking about, and how it works for her (which is key, and I’ll address that in a minute). The issue is that 1) this post wasn’t about her; B) this post wasn’t an invitation to drop a link; and III) I didn’t ask for any help in my original post.

Don’t do that. We spend so much time asking questions, just to be ready to give our answers instead of really hearing what the other person is saying. We look so hard for opportunities to make things about us, that we don’t take the time to learn about others and their needs. We cannot connect and have meaningful relationships, add real value, if we are so self-centered.

I get that this felt like an opportunity to her. She’s stoked to show off what she knows. Her blog and lifestyle are working for her, and she gets to do what she loves for income. This is (sadly) not the norm, and most blogs fail pretty early on. Too many people fall for this. She’s literally spending her days blogging about blogging, and that’s exactly why she needs to build that email list. She’s selling things that her lifestyle depends on.

I rarely blog about blogging, because it’s not my favorite thing to talk about. It’s an overused niche, and most of the bloggers I know blog about blogging, and most of those people don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, or are plagiarizing posts.

PLUS – and this is important – YOUR PATH NEEDS TO BE YOUR PATH.

Your marketing strategy needs to be yours alone. My way won’t work for you, because you are not me. You have to spend time figuring out what your way is. This is not an overnight success, get rich quick scheme. Just like actors being discovered, once in a while a blogger gets lucky. Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of actors there are, besides the ones you recognize. They’re not really in a hospital or police station, y’all. All of those people are actors waiting for a break. We will all continue to be background fodder if all we have to give is other people’s work.

Let's Not Make This About You - a meditation on forming better social media relationships

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