I Unboxed Another StitchFix

If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably don’t know how much I adore StitchFix. I have been using them for a little over 2 years, and have partnered with them for an amazing deal for the Holiday Season. Not only are StitchFix gift cards the best solution for the fashionable or the people who have it all in your life, they have waived your styling fee for your first fix. It was originally set through December 31, but the team at StitchFix is amazing, and they have extended the waived styling fee until January 31, 2018. If you order your first fix, it will cost you nothing. Check out my unboxing video below to see what types of things you get.

My stylist is a genius at getting my style on-point. These clothes are appropriate for my lifestyle. The best thing about StitchFix is that I can try all of this on from the comfort of my home, instead of under harsh lighting in sketchy changing rooms. Here’s what I got this time:

StitchFix December 2017 TOMS shoes pewter lace up StitchFix December 2017 black romper and silver layer necklace

StitchFix December 2017 burnout Kimono StitchFix December 2017 Gray top and frayed shorts

I adore these shoes. I might keep them. And the burnout kimono. It’s pretty spectacular, too. And the necklace. And the shirt. I’m not a huge fan of the romper and the shorts, because they fit a little funny. It’s cool, though, because…

BONUS: I’m under no obligation to buy any of the things they send me, but if I buy all 5 items, I get a 25% discount. It’s perfect for my busy life!

So, grab your first fix for freehttps://spork.life/StitchFixWaivedFee

Already have StitchFix or want to gift it to a friend? Share this post, or grab a gift cardhttps://spork.life/Winter2017GiftCards

It’s the perfect gift for teachers (Think how many coffee cards they get. Change it up!), nannys, anyone on the go, your favorite fashionable folks, and really, yourself. Put some ease in someone’s life!

December 2017 StitchFix unboxing hyperlapse

free stitch fix december january

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