Holiday Survival Kit

Every year, I think the holidays get just a tiny bit crazier. Of course, some days are better than others – the days when it feels like the world heaves a collective sigh, because they’re just content with what’s now. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, man! What a relief! I like to spread joy as much as possible. I decorate my house immediately after Thanksgiving. I wear a Santa hat every time I leave the house. It always makes people smile. I also haul my little Holiday Survival Kits with me.

Holiday Survival Kits - EssentialI spend Black Friday through Cyber Monday making these gift bags filled with silly little dollar store treats, and I hand them out to people while I’m running errands or shopping. And, it’s not what’s in them that counts. It’s what the poem says that makes people smile. That, and the fact that I REALLY mean it. I love spreading joy all year around, but people tend to be more receptive to it – because they are looking for it – during the holiday season.

I wrote this poem a few years ago, while I was a Mary Kay consultant, because the other poems for similar items didn’t’ rhyme, and that wasn’t okay. I need rhymes for whimsy. I print 4 to a page, and make them about 20 at a time. If you use Canva, I’ve made it available for you to personalize. If you like it without the personalization, or want to attach a business card or hand-sign it, download here or click on the picture.

Holiday Survival Kit - The Essential Holiday CheerThis post contains affiliate links, and it’s much less-expensive to just go to your local DollarTree and start with 10 bags. You don’t need to go broke to do this. For more info, see my disclosures

Items I use:

I hope you find as much joy spreading cheer as I do, this year!


Holiday Survival Kit Free Printable with Canva Template

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