There are *thousands* of ways you can advertise on A Spork in the Road. By thousands, I mean 5-ish. Most of my readers are people just like you, who are here because they love it, and can’t wait to spend money. I thought that was everyone, but it is apparently not. For you marketing types, my readers are usually over 30, spend money to travel and eat on a frequent basis, and think I’m funny. If you’re not already in my sidebar or sponsoring a recipe post, you’re definitely missing out.

Ad Prices*

  • Text Link: $50/month for artists/bloggers/authors; $100/month for businesses
  • $200-$500/month for graphic ads

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This is not a mommy blog, and there is a long list of things I won’t write about, from the obvious diapers and formula, to the not-so obvious like activities for children or families. Please don’t misunderstand: I love kids, love my godchildren, and my nephews are much cooler than yours. I chose not to have kids, and in so choosing also wish to do activities that do not (necessarily) involve children.

We can also collaborate on a post or event. Contact me for more information.

Mailing Address:

Terra Walker | PO Box 350504 | Westminster, CO 80035-0504 (yes, that’s still Colorado. I haven’t rented a box in Florida yet. I will still get your mail)


*I reserve the right to refuse space to anyone, for any reason. Usually that means your ad or company are racist/sexist/xenophobic/hateful. I don’t have any place for that shit in my life, or on my site.



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