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My name is Terra, and I have been blogging regularly since 2002 (that’s eleventy-billion years ago in blog-years). When I started blogging for profit, I wrote about Public Relations and Marketing in the Music Industry. Then the market “crashed” in 2008, and everyone stopped spending money on marketing and started learning to do it on their own. That was bad for my blog, but an opportunity presented itself to write about everything else I love about life, and so I have. I hope you enjoy your visit because

I’m glad you’re here.

A Spork in the Road is where I unload share recipes I’ve developed, lessons I’ve learned, and adventures I’ve had. I try to stay away from touchy topics, and run headlong into all the reasons it’s important to say, “You’re Welcome” while I’m making affordable Ceviche. This space is about creating sustainable relationships and lives in our own communities, as well as traveling to participate and connect with others around the globe.

I am on Facebook, sharing the things that I am in love with.

Twitter is where I’m witty in 140 characters or less (usually much less).

I hang out on Google+, because that’s the first community that took the time with my blog, and they’re great!

YouTube is my video archive. Sometimes I spend a REALLY long time on camera being ridiculous.

My Instagram is filled with random signs of life, from beagles to nephews, and all the food, yoga, and places I find myself in between.

I’ve also been known to pin the heck out of some pins on Pinterest.

Sometimes I go crazy on Snapchat.

And sometimes, I curse.

 What You’ll Find Here

  • Wacky Words
  • Pretty Pictures
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Entertaining Advice (and advice on entertaining)
  • Travel Tips & Tales
  • Human Connection
  • Destruction (and perhaps creation) of the English Language

I’m also on a search for a cider that doesn’t make me feel like I slept with a tablespoon of sugar in my mouth.

Anyway, thank you – from the bottom of my heart – for stopping by. If you find that cider, shoot me a note so I can go get some.

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