6 Last-Minute Host / Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

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Every year, I make a list of the parties I am attending, and then try to come up with the best gifts to bring the host or hostess. Until this year, the parties were mostly corporate yawners with business types that I only knew through casual interactions in office situations, and what that did was make gift giving difficult. I am not a corporate type, having given up my corporate marketing job years ago, and also I have a personality and like to give gifts that are both useful and memorable, which corporate gifts aren’t. I don’t know what’s on your whishlist this year, but mine does not contain branded pens, branded leather coasters, branded serving spoons and bowls, or anything else branded, cold, and unfeeling.

This year, I am not invited to many parties because I live hundreds of miles from most of my friends who hold holiday and dinner parties outside the structure of a business or corporation. I am, however, headed to a Christmas Eve Morning ladies’ brunch that was planned by my friend Jen, and I am going to a Christmas Eve Eve dinner-or-tapas shindig with my social media besties that live in Denver. They are all getting gifts that I made over the course of the past year: handpainted stemless wine glasses, aprons with my butcher graphic from my book emblazoned across the front, crocheted dish cloths and coffee cup cozys. Now, all I have to do is hope they don’t read this blog post ahead of time.

Because there is no clear host (Jen and Alyssa, ostensibly), and these are just “get togethers” at local restaurants, having a specific gift in mind for a specific host/ess is harder here. Each of those ladies will get something a little extra from me, because they put it all together. I have just the perfect thing for each of them. And that’s the point, really, isn’t it? I believe the host/hostess gift should really be a little bit of you and a little bit of them. I’m a little quirky, so they’re getting something that matches their quirky and mine. If handmade isn’t your thing, you’re in luck! I have a list of host / hostess gifts I would love to give this year. Take a look:

First, I’m biased. My book is the best thing you could ever give anyone, especially anyone who loves food in any form. You can get your copy of The Little Book of Kitchen Cheats to give to them. I will even laminate, bind, wrap, and send it if you like – handwritten card included. Check it out here.

You can also give them these gifts. They are sure to please!

  • Dollar Shave Club 
    Join Dollar Shave Club!I love Dollar Shave Club. I have used them for years, and they are an excellent gift for anyone in your life who has an aversion to body hair. I get the $6 package delivered every 2 months. You don’t even have to pick for the person, just get ’em $25 in gift cards, and they’ll get to choose how often and which razor set up they want. Heck, they could splurge and get the awesome shave balm and razor.
  • Stitch Fix
    I love my Stitch Fix, too. For only $20 each time, I get 5 items that fit my style perfectly: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, handbags, jackets, you get the picture. I have them for a week, and the luxury of trying them on in my home, in front of MY mirror. I don’t have to brave the changing rooms, awful lighting, cold tile, and having to run out to get an opinion. There’s also Stitch Fix Men for the fella in your life who hates to go out to look for clothes. After I’ve tried everything on, I choose which ones I’m keeping and send the rest back in a prepaid envelope. If I buy all 5 items, I get a serious discount. It’s easy. It’s wonderful. I especially love the shoes they send. Go ahead, grab your fashionista or fashionisto a Stitch Fix Gift Card or two!
  • Shot Sized Mason Jars
    For a few years now, mason jars have been all the rage, from using them as drinking glasses and salad vessels, to goldfish bowls and painting them to use flower vases. I was cruising around the Amazon, dreaming up things to buy for others, and I came across these tiny mason jars. If that commercial ever comes true, and one piece of broccoli will prevent cancer, you could fit a piece of broccoli in there. I wonder if they’ll make to-go lids.
  • Mingling Plates
    Have you ever attended a party, and had to carry both a drink and your plate of hors d’oeuvres, then had to shake a hand or give a hug, only to find that there’s nowhere to set your drink and/or plate? Surely it’s not just me! These gorgeous bamboo mingling plates solve that problem, and are the perfect gift for the host or hostess with the mostest…dinner parties in a year.
  • Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins
    I am a huge fan of not contributing more to environmental destruction than is unavoidable, and I also absolutely love my monogrammed cocktail napkins. Mine are not these, and this is the only non-affiliate link in the list. I am absolutely giddy over these Mark & Graham red plaid cocktail napkins. They’re perfect for every occasion, and add a little class and flair to tapas and drinks.
  • Pineapple Plaque
    A pineapple has long been the sign of hospitality, and this cast iron pineapple welcome sign fits perfectly on any wall (I prefer the kitchen). Show your host or hostess extra gratitude by giving them a pineapple…or a pineapple plaque…to remember you by!

I hope this list helps with some of your last-minute gifting. These gifts also work year-round, so pin it to your favorite board and come back to it when you need a gift to give!

6 Last-Minute Host or Hostess Gifts - PIN NOW, GET THEM SOON!

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