10 Videos to Make You Smile on World Smile Day

It’s World Smile Day 2016! Instead of a wordy post, because we all know I’m good at that (there I go again), I’m just sharing videos that make me, and hopefully you, smile.


Any dancing makes me smile, really. It seems like the ultimate celebration of joy.

Can you feel the love? I can. And the tears. I love acapella.

Bonus points for not using the clean lyrics. You all know that the lyrics in Grease are dirty, right? Anyway, any soldiers having a good time where they are is a happy video for me. Plus: Musical. Theater.


Oldie, goodie. Still one of my faves, all these years later.

Yep. Improv Everywhere makes me smile.

FLOTUS and Missy Elliott. Yep.

Can’t have FLOTUS without POTUS. Or mean tweets. Because hahahahahaha.

I can’t get enough of either of them. And their #hashtags.

And of course, Weird Al. How can you not be happy when Weird Al is involved?


No, go…be…happy. And SMILE! It’s WORLD SMILE DAY!

Okay, Okay. One more from Weird Al.

Since you asked nicely.

Top 10 Videos to Make You Smile on World Smile Day - PIN NOW, SMILE NOW!

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