Sensational Holiday Host/ess Gifts That Guarantee You’ll Be Invited Back

It’s that time of year again. We get to gather under one another’s roofs, and fill our days, evenings, and weekends with laughter, love, and merriment. Everything feels so much more special this time of year, and people are generally kinder and more patient. But, it takes a lot of work to put on even the smallest of dinners, and I always bring a gift to than my host or hostess for their incredibly hard work. When I’m the hostess, at the end of the day, it’s nice to relax and reflect on the smiling faces that gathered in love, to spend time with people they know and people they’re just now meeting. I chose these 10 gifts based on what I would personally bring to thank the people who have taken the time to host this holiday season.

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Herb Keeper

I have to confess, I buy tons of fresh herbs to use, and then they hang out in my fridge, dry up, and die. Not only is that just a huge bummer, because I really wanted to use that fresh dill on my fish, it eventually gets really expensive. Enter the Herb Keeper. This brilliant contraption keeps your herbs fresh by standing them up in a bit of water. Cheers to no longer killing the fresh herbs! $22.99 @

Macaron Kit

I have never had a problem making macarons. To be fair, I’ve done it twice in my life. Maybe I can attribute it to knowing exactly how to handle egg whites. I just haven’t had the same problems that others seem to have had making them. If your host/hostess has ever said they’re afraid to try macarons, grab them this kit. Suddenly, it becomes a much-less scary task. Just let them know to be super easy on the egg whites. $29.99 @

Official The Little Book of Kitchen Cheats Apron

The OFFICIAL Little Book of Kitchen Cheats Apron

I wrote a book a year ago, and about 40 people bought it and loved it. In that process, I created some awesome graphics for the easier parts of my book. My then-roommate commissioned an apron for her husband, and suddenly, everyone wanted to know where he got it. I have decided to release that this year. It is exclusive to Zazzle, and is a great companion piece for my book (below). I haven’t met a cook yet that turns down an apron.  If aprons aren’t their thing, grab Apron $24.55 @ Travel Mug $20.83 @ RedBubble.

The Little Book of Kitchen Cheats

I wrote this book a little over a year ago, because I couldn’t find any single-source for weights and measures conversions, spice suggestions, pan volumes, and how to set the table that would fit conveniently in my kitchen. At the time, I was renting a room in a house with a gigantic kitchen, so size wasn’t an issue. My then-roommate loved my book so much, she bought one for herself. It’s hanging out in one of her kitchen drawers, and she uses it all the time. I have several, as you might imagine, and I use them every time I make anything in the kitchen or write a new recipe, so that I can include metric measurements. As it turns out, that makes my recipes compatible with absolutely everywhere else in the world. eBook $7.99 and paperback $15.88, both @

Hand Painted Rose Gold Slate Drink Coasters

I am a sucker for anything that is rose gold. These drink coasters caught my eye as I was shopping for host/hostess gifts this year, and I promptly added them to my wishlist. I don’t really like the way yellow gold looks, and platinum is not in my budget. Rose gold looks incredibly chic, and it goes with everything. These are a great conversation starter, too. Handmade, $32.00 @

Dark Walnut “Gather” Wooden Sign

I love signs like this. I have one that says “laugh”, and another that says “eat”, and one more that says “This is my happy place”. They hang on the walls in my common areas, and they’re a beautiful addition to any decor. They’re especially perfect for the host or hostess who is always throwing parties. Handmade, $39.99 @

Infinity Spun Bamboo Napkin Ring (Set of 4)

These amazing spun bamboo napkin rings are so gorgeous, they’re the other thing I popped onto my wishlist while shopping. I’ll grab these for my favorite host/hostess who always makes sure their table is perfection, complete with napkins, table runners, candle holders, and a centerpiece. We all know at least one person who goes the extra step in decorating for dinner. That’s who these are perfect for. Handmade, $19.55 @

Stitch Fix Gift Cards

It’s not really a secret that I love my Stitch Fix. I love them so much, because I don’t have to GO shopping and wander around aimlessly, hoping for something to catch my eye, and then go home because the fitting rooms are full or gross. With Stitch Fix, I have a personal stylist, and she is unfailing in matching me with items that are both in style and totally age appropriate. Plus, I get to try on the clothes in the comfort of my own home, when it’s convenient for me. They have men’s and plus sizes, too. Any amount @

BONUS: I have a little gift for you, too: Try Stitch Fix between now and December 31, and your first styling fee is waived. Yep, you get to try it for free!  (you HAVE to use that link, or it won’t work)

This is, without fail, always the best option when you don’t know your hostess or host well, don’t know what they need or want, or just realized you wanted to take them a gift and it’s time to walk out the door. Just hop on to Amazon and load up an eCard. If you don’t know their email address, send it to yourself, print it out, and pop it in a thank you card. Any amount @

So, that’s what I’m taking my hosts and hostesses this year. How about you? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to bookmark this for later.

10 Sensational Holiday Hostess Gifts That Guarantee You'll Be Invited Back-promise

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